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The Super Inductive System using high-intensity electromagnetic field to produce healing effect and it is the best and trending treatment for painful conditions of the neuromuscular and musculo-skeletal system. At elite physiotherapy & sports injury centre we are equipped with this machine and along with super inductive system our physiotherapists team are working to get you relief from your illness.

SIS proved beneficial in following conditions

Frequently Ask Questions

We have put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information. If you have any queries or questions? Feel free to ask. Send us a mail or call us on the numbers provided. You can also contact us on WhatsApp and personally at our Saket or Gurugram clinic.
The action of super inductive system is based on the interaction of the high-intensity electromagnetic field and human body. Once the electromagnetic field is generated by a coil placed in the applicator, muscle contraction occurs by the effect of neuromuscular tissue depolarization. Super Inductive System is very beneficial and effective treatment for various disorders of neuromuscular and joint-skeletal system.

• Joint Mobilization
• Myostimulation
• Fracture healing
• Spasticity Reduction

Joint mobilization is achieved by rhythmic contractions of the muscles surrounding the joint capsule. This rhythmic contraction leads to joint movement restoration.
Interaction of the electromagnetic field and neuromuscular tissue causes nerve depolarization and muscle contractions. Based on the selected stimulation frequency, muscle strengthening can be achieved.
The high-intensity electromagnetic field promotes blood circulation in the affected area and enhance formation of the vascular and cartilage callus. As a result, progressive cartilage mineralization and bone remodeling are initiated.
Reduction in spasticity is achieved through stimulating the spinal level of muscle tone controller. Central motor impairment can be treated by this mechanism.

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